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My <cough cough> Photography

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neither....California Bay Area.  .... elevation <100'

on the last one, the delta is a rock's throw away. I'm down the street from a boat launch.

in the black and white, that's a ~4000' foot mountain right behind.

you can see the delta in the second shot.

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Just now, WWICYtheDEAD said:

Aah, the last shot reminds my of the flat lands in Texas and Oklahoma, I spent some time there in the Army back in the day. Beautiful dodge all the same! 


It does!!..... it also turned out looking like a strait-up legit Challenger ad from Dodge!

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I spent 29 years in southern Cali, PCH was a familiar sight to me, did A LOT of surfing up and down the coastline and Spent as much time in the San Gabriel mountains and partied up GMR.... Glendora mtn road... and got chased out by the Azusa Police department many times.

 Good times indeed!

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