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Wednesday, online fun night

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Myself, friends and a number of the WW's have been playing 3 games and if your interested now's the time to jump on board.

Steam has a sale on for the next 24hr's on all three, the games are as follows

1.Wreckfest- Varg has a dedicated server running 24/7. This racing sim is just a blast. I have a full wheel setup but use a Xbox controller. Great fun relaxed racing/bash'm up.

2. Insurgency Sandstorm- I run a dedicated server to host. Varg, Plague, Tharn, Bayo and a number of good friends play, fun FPS.

3. Arma 3- most of you know it. I run a dedicated server to host this as well. We do run a lot of mods for it. We've been doing Arma for years. Here's my mod page


Like I said, 1 day left to get all these great games at reduced prices.


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Wreck fest?? Sounds like a training thing I may need to participate in. But... Won't be at my pc tonight. Dangit! 

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