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High Flying Adventures - Flying Circus Thursday 7/16

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More of a "prelude part one" than a "chapter one"...but meh...it's a draft I just wanted to share to get some feelers on it....


This was from today's FC flying on Geezer's Fantasy Kaiser mission we flew last week.... there was only Me and Duck at first I guess, ... then ICY and Driftwood joined shortly after.... 

...Never caught ICT or Drift on Shift F2 until the very end.... but there's more tracks I havn't seen yet....


My first attempt at this - but opinions and other constructive feedback appreciated.



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Posted (edited)

just the prelude part 2 -- Same mission , next sortie... 

... will be put into a proper comic book .pdf after Fawlty's mission on Sunday.

(after everyone has had time to pick a pilot. - also side benefit of giving me practice)





Thanks all. And thanks Geez' for allowing me to take over the "HFA"....I really didnt want to try and brainstorm a just-as-clever title.

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Posted (edited)

...and the last bit.....









EDIT: And this ends the prelude to Volume #01 Stay Tuned to find out what happens next!

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