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Might be Goober's boyfriend/girlfriend (no one is really sure what sex it is) but that ain't no Goober.  Even though he/she and I are on fairly good terms (I let it sleep in the boss's bunk when he's away😁) I've never really had a good, clear look at it, always hurt my eyes.  Sooooo that can't be Goober!!!!

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Ok so lets clarify this subject now... This is the One and only Original Bully Dog Goofy "Goober"... I took him with me 15+ years ago when I took my Temp leave for personal reasons...

Now it has been some time and Sadly Goober passed away "probably from drinking all my damm Double Malt Scotch" The Little Shit.... lol 😉

But before he did leave us he Convinced a poor unsuspecting Bitch in Heat to bring forth his Replacement So unto us was Brought "Goobered" his son God Help Us...lol :)Goober.jpg.9464ca0d4a387410e91234db7c46095d.jpgGoobered.jpg.a0830ee95175f87126693bb1dc714516.jpg

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