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I always love a good day....

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Flip him with a plea deal. Suspended sentence if he works for Homeland Security. Shouldnt be too hard to flip, after he been licking cling-ons out of his prision room mates ass for a  couple of weeks. Seems to be a gross lack of talent and motivation in cyber security dept of HS. If I ran the Cyber security side of HS, my guys would of already have broken into many many US corps. and then told the companies, "put these doors and blocks in place" or be fined out of existence. Sure, something new is written every day to get around the blocks, but my guys are countering them and arent too far behind the few new ones that guys dumber than my team, write. 

Most of these US corps arent even trying themselves, or paying someone,  to break into their system, as a learning tool for the corp. Only a few corps. send out internal emails that are  to simlair to  the emails  that their dumb shit employees that are easily bamboozed into opening, that are written to allowi a payload to get installed in the software they use at work. Throw a few thumb drives around the grounds, and when dumb shit employees plug them into the company computers, they get a message that says "report to HR." 


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