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"A Fisherman's Life" VR Title

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Maybe I am just easily entertained, but I loved this game too ( under $10 right now)

It is a puzzle game, but you are an old fisherman running the lighthouse in your one room building.  In the middle of the room is a model of the same light house.  If you reach down to pull  the roof of the model you notice the roof rips off the building you are sitting in and a giant version of you is looking right back at you.  If you pick up your tooth brush and drop it in the model, a giant toothbrush lands on the floor.  Now puzzle solving takes on a whole new dimension because size does matter.

The voice over is fun, great nautical graphics and when you get stuck it gives you hints so you don't have to resort to cheats.  Only VR hints is you want to use the joystick to navigate and likely check the box to play it seated or you might wind your cord into knots.


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Well to answer your question yes you are easily entertained lol but So am I going to grab this one for my library now.. looks Fun!!! Thanks Geez..


Oh update your damm system specs in your Sig...lol 😉 I was like ?? Wait WTF VR and Win 7 NOPE!!! LOL :)


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