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VR Working with Videos Now.. :)

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Hey guys so been working Feverishly with DCS VR to get everything working I'm flying with a New Squad the 25th Draggins an A-10C crew and just got my 1st VR video done...  So now I can record My/Our IL-2 VR missions too.. :)

Oh that's the Skin I made for the Squad on my Bird :) The other is the 87th Training Skin "Red Tail"

This is a Training flight with a recruit I took up working on Formation Trimming and Landings.. ENJOY and let me know what you guy's think.. Oh yea that's a Formation landing LOL :)

I didn't tell him because I didn't want him to Totally Freak Out and Crash and Kill us Both... LMAO!!! So after we touched down I told him look over your Right Shoulder 😉 Hope You like it..




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Sorry Geezer been crazy busy with RL crap and Covid :(  Yes I really like Voice Attack it makes the Tasking in the A-10C II and the more complicated system aircraft so much easier IMHO...

What you see in the VR recording is a 1080 res video but it is what I see when I'm flying in VR :)

Here is Chunks 1st flight with me in DCS.. :)  and a Really Cool Triangle ship Night Formation takeoff :)




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