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Was curious if missions from ROF could be edited so they load up in the BoX editor. A vanilla ROF mission just gives an "error loading mission file" in BOX.

Took the time to figure out the subtle differences between elements used in a ROF mission, and BoX missions, and used notepad++ to make changes.

Biggest problems is when I got a mission that would load without errors, and went to place in the map, it would not line up on the map right, cause the difference between the Arras map in ROF and the Arras map in BoX are nite and day, which really pissed me off.  At any rate, had to move some static objects around, and put some planes that take off in a spot where they could actually do that, but I think it should play pretty close to the original.  

now, out of 50 some odd missions,,,what were the chances the mission I chose to work on and the mission Fawlty decided to rebuild were the same...color me happy...




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Looks funny reading a briefing I did quite a few years ago.

I was going to mention a few things about that mission such as Gotha's but that may be giving away to much.

If only we had some 🤞

Also I want to know where Warfusse is, I think they packed up and left. :)


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Seemed to work okay other than some units flew off the map, resulting in "leaving the combat area" messages to players who aggressively followed the AI. 

I need to see what they've done to rotary-engined aircraft. I've never had such trouble with engines blowing up. The first time, yeah, that was me being a dumb-ass. I dove my Camel hard after an enemy ship and heard the engine clatter to a stop before I'd even gotten close to the enemy. Didn't even think to blip the engine. Second time, nearing Cappy, I throttled back (something I don't usually do in Tripes or Camels, those engines in real life have two speeds: on and off) AND I blipped the engine off. On the way down with engine off and throttle at zero, the "engine damaged" warning lights came on. Let off the blip switch, and  ... nothing. Dead engine. I turned around to glide back to the friendly side of the front, just barely getting across. Then flipped the bird over landing. By now I'm pissed. Grabbed a Camel with 4 Coopers at the air-respawn base, got engaged almost immediately, and snap-stalled the Camel to my death. Tried again, minus the Coopers, was able to actually engage a couple enemy fighters, then got shredded by one I didn't see. Dead again. Re-spawn, climb, engage, dive to give chase, blipping the engine off during the dive, DEAD FRIGGIN ENGINE AGAIN. Had enough and left.

Tried the Camel in Quick Mission, same damn thing. Dive with the engine blipped off, the engine still breaks. I call it a bug. Anyone else verify?

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Don't know what's up with that Sandy. The Camel is my favourite plane in the sim and have been using it for a long time, could be it comes natural to do certain things at different times. When we arrived at Cappy on the first run out I was at a high altitude. To do my bombing run I dropped my rpm and used the blip switch and came out of it with no issues. I do know it the excitement of a good close dogfight it's easy to forget your rpm and bugger your engine.

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