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Just started to have a look at something I haven't used in the past for missions, remote console.

Looks like there's a bit to it. You guys that have used it, is the setup effort worth the results?

The one thing I would use it for is a fail safe backup to progress to the next objective. I've been using linked trucks usually at home base to achieve this but so far haven't needed to use them.


Arma has a great thing called Zeus (I think Zed was behind naming it)    It allows you in game to go top down and control everything. This would be great in BoX.




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it does work well, as long as everything that has to be in place is actually in place.  SDS starting the server has to start up the remote console, and client has to be logged into the server.   A second monitor/laptop or anything like that is almost a must.  Having to tab out of the game to input a server command can be a pain.

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