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A nice little mission, doing defense mostly while flying on the German side. I flew a D VIIF all night.

I managed to get five kills through the course of the night, but lost four planes in doing so. One I had the elevator control shot out, made it back to home base by flying sideways and using rudder as an elevator. Which sort of worked until it came time to land, which wasn't pretty, but I survived the crash. Another time I had the rudder control cable shot out, which resulted in the rudder being locked in a hard left position. Flew home crabbing sideways, but did manage to elude two Spads chasing me (Duck killed them.) Another hard landing, resulting in a wrinkled airplane, but I survived.  A third was lost when I dove hard on some bandits trying to sneak in low ... They saw me and turned hard, which I foolishly tried to follow. As good as the D VIIF is, it's not designed for those kinds of G-forces. As the wing was coming off the plane, I decided to jump. Going to die anyway, may as well enjoy the drop. Except... I had a parachute! Yay! So I floated gently down to a town that had been thoroughly destroyed from artillery fire, but it was a far softer landing than I had anticipated. 

Some artillery spotter saw me descending in my parachute, grabbed this photo. 


If I had known I was being photographed, I'd have flipped him the bird... 

This me checking out the town, shortly after landing. 


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