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Slew upgrade for TM Warthog

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I’ve been doing a lot of practice in the Hog lately, and my fat thumb makes things more difficult than they should be with the slew. I also need to replace the right side fuel switch because I broke that. Thrustmaster’s customer service department leaves a lot to be desired as far as getting back to me on that. 

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I like the glowing recommendation for this mod. That little stick thing has always been a pain in the ass for me... Nearly impossible to use. I'm tempted to grab that mod and maybe actually begin using the slew axis as it's intended. 

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Just because I wanted that link handy... 


Yikes. With parcel tracking, that 57.99GBP to my door. In today's money that's $75.12... Maybe I'll hold off. 

Says he's using the same part as found on ps3 and Xbox controllers. Hmmm... 

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Yeah, it’s a little more spendy than I’d like. He does a pinky switch replacement to that shitty part as well. 

FWIW, I’m still waiting on a response from Thrustmaster support in regards to replacing a switch that I broke. I wish their support was on par with CH back in the day, especially when the CH-Hangar was around. What a resource that was. 

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