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A-10C II

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Well, maybe in the case of the Hog, I can see it, for ground fire.  Any Hog trying to fool an enemy aircraft in a dogfight is probably a dead Hog anyway (why is it trying to dogfight enemy fighters in the first place?!?!).

But in the modern battlespace, isn't most of this worked out on radar rather than visually.  I'm with the skeptics on this one. 

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Hey guy's thought I would shoot in and Say HI.. The new Hog is Amazing esp the HMCS Wow Game changer so if you have discord I have a channel to share with you guys

if you want to fly some DCS with me and Chunck .. Oh BTW Recruit Chunck passed his A-10C II Qualifaction flight and is a A-10C II "Dragon Rider" now ..here is pic his current Ride in the 25th F.S. "ASSAM Draggins"

We also use SRS for DCS for Comms...We tend to fly late night when most Normal people are sleeping lol :)


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