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Debate Drinking Game?

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I was trying to come up with a bipartisan drinking game for the debates. 

The best I could think of was every time someone says something stupid, you get to take shot..... but that was too easy and you would get too drunk.

So then I thought you could take a shot every time you heard someone say something that was inspirational....but that sounded to hard and you might not get drunk enough.

I settled on a shot everytime the moderator asks a really hard question and someone actually answers it honestly and directly........clearly I have ruined the game, so I put the cork  in the bottle and put it back up in the cupboard.


( likely I won't be flying tuesday, feels like this will be an epic enough debate, that I should watch it)

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I'll be flying.

While I understand the import (and potential hilarity) of tonight's debate, I know I will be deluged with after-action commentary from every possible news/entertainment source. I'm confident I won't miss a moment of the spectacle. 

Also, this will likely be the last night of flying my current PC build. The parts are trickling in for a new build, and I'll have the new machine jitters later this week when the last necessary components land. 

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Yep, sadly D-Day ( debate day ) is falling on our Tue flight night and I will be watching with the family ( wife and two adult children living at home ). We are making it a party

and I am going to have a drink I never had while I was " a little more actively drinking " and that is a " dark and stormy " dark and stormy

Happy debates everybody---fasten your seat belts and shoulder harness 


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