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Am sure some of you Plane guru's already knew this, but I didn't

My 109 has not flown level for I don't know how long.  I have pitch/roll/yaw adjustments mapped to toggles. but they do nothing in the 109.

Went to make sure the toggle's had the right key assignment, and notice in BoX there is an Adjustable stabilizer axis setting.  Changed my pitch toggle switch to reflect these key  settings, and now I am able to get my 109 to fly level hands off.

Am a little curious what this actually does.  Does it change the entire stabilizer including the trim tabs?  Suppose what I should have done was change my settings and look to see what might be moving in my cockpit.


Plane control: yaw reset D 
Adjustable stabilizer axis RSht+Cursor Up / RSht + Cursor Down 
Yaw trim left LCtl + Z 
Yaw trim right LCtl + X 
Pitch trim up RCtl +Cursor Down 
Pitch trim down RCtl + Cursor Up 
Roll trim left RCtl + Cursor Left 
Roll trim right RCtl + Cursor Right 
Reset trimmers LCtl + T 
Fw-190 adjustable stabilizer up RSht + Cursor Down 
Fw-190 adjustable stabilizer down RSht + Cursor Up 

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There are no pilot-adjustable trim tabs on the elevator, but the tabs on the trailing edge of the elevator are adjusted on the ground by the crew prior to flight (same as the aileron tabs). The stabilizer trim adjusts the entire elevator surface. You can’t adjust aileron/rudder trim on the 109 or 190’s. 



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Correct. the same thing happens in the 190. No Actual elevator trim, other than being able to move the entire horizontal stabilizer (tailplane) a few degrees either way. One source I found (not official, just a guy who sounded like he knows what he's talking about) :

  • 1, Full set of trim wasn`t quite a standard, for example the Spit (presumably other RAF s-e fighters as well) didn`t have aileron trim. It depended on the design practice of the country of origin, and the operational role of the aircraft (long or short ranged interceptor). Full set of trim was largely useful for long transition flights.
  • 2, Somewhat related to the above, it wasn`t only the 109 that didn`t have rudder trim - the 190 did not have one either, nor did they have aileron trim. The reason for this was the design practice in Germany - planes under 5 tons TO weight were not required to have rudder trim.
  • 3, Neither the 109 or 190 had received rudder trim (late 109s had Flettner tabs on the rudder to decrease control forces), though some bad-wheater fighters had PKS autopilot fitted which controlled the rudder angle. Both had variable incidence tail units, where the whole tailplane moved, rather than just trim tabs on the control surfaces. On the 109 it was operated by a double handwheel - one controlling the Flosse or variable incidence tail unit, and the other wheel operating the flaps, the idea being you could lower the flaps AND compensate for it with trim at the same time. The 190 had electric flaps and similar tail unit.
  • 4, OTOH, both the 109 and 190 had FIXED trim tabs on the ailerons and rudder, which could be set on the ground to give neutral trim for specific flight regimes, ie. could be set to be neutral during typical cruise speeds. The 109 (perhaps the 190, too?) also had a profiled vertical tailplane (like a wing), which helped to counteract torque forces. 
  • .... the variable incidence horizontal stabilizer of the Bf-109 is also the reason behind Bf-109's ability to pull out of high speed dives sooner than P-51's and P-47's.

Anecdotally, I've read (perhaps in the BC/RS series?) where both 109 and 190 pilots would bend the little tab on the rudder a bit one or the other, creating a permanent rudder trim. They also sometimes did the same with the elevator, but since they had the variable incidence control bending the elevator trim tabs wasn't done as much (unless the particular aircraft had a minor flaw where it required a permanent bit of trim put in.)

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Glad I finally read this post.  😬


I sent CH a pissed off email this morning saying that the CH manager wasnt seeing the trim in109.............too funny.   I wasted several days trying to figure what was wrong and now I read this post, that the planes dont have it.   Requiems tutorials mentions using the trim wheel, but I just assumed it was the elevator trim function and not a different one. 


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In the game you can map both trim and stabilizer to the same button/toggle, as the command is in fact the same (RCTL up/dn).  Make sure you HOLD the key, as it is a repeating function, not a pulse. For the Axis aircraft, the entire horizontal stab moves giving in effect pitch trim.  There is no yaw trim.  Also, unlike Allied aircraft, stab trim does not reset, you have to manually zero it if that is what you want to do.

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