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Return to Minneopa Falls

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A couple late evening shots taken recently at Minneopa Falls, on the south edge of Mankato. Just too late to get the sun-bursts through the trees, but enough soft light to make the foliage pop.


Meghan was going along just to play a game on her phone, but she decided to start putting her Samsung to work taking a few pics of her own (they turned out great, too!)


The little footbridge over the falls area. Small falls to the right, larger falls to the left.


A couple shots of the small falls, taken from the north end of the footbridge. 


This one is my current desktop wallpaper... 



After a short walk around the large falls basin, there's an opening in the foliage allowing folks to see the falls. I'd guess this shot has been taken a bazillion times over the years, lol...



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29 minutes ago, WWChunk said:

Great shots Sandy!! What settings did you use for the desktop waterfall picture?

I added these same shots to a new gallery, the complete exif info is in there. The pertinent parts are:

  • f/6.3
  • 1 second exposure (1/1)
  • ISO 400


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Well, Autumn isn't over yet and we got six inches of snow yesterday... I should have grabbed the camera and taken some shots of the neighbor's red maple, the fresh snow on those blood red leaves was really cool. But had to drag out thr shovels and other winter stuff that needed to be made accessible. Wasn't expecting October snow! 

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Sandman, speaking of autumn and its colors, I had a quite unique experience while working for the county.  In middle of autumn when the leaves colors here were at their fullest, I was 

driving to my next inspection out on the rural roads of the county.  I was passing a brilliant red maple that was rather young and only about 15 ft. tall and  full of bright red leaves. 

I had slowed down to enjoy the beauty when all of a sudden to the side of this tree a dust devil had formed and then drifted to this tree and slowly the loose red leaves on this maple broke free 

forming a brilliant red spiral outlining this dust devil ( thermal ).that was about 15 ft in height. I pulled my truck over and watched this magical gift from nature dance and skip across the road and field in all its swirling colors !!

I sure wish I could have had a picture of this, better yet a video of the whole thing.  However, I  feel lucky to have seen this and it is engrained in my memory !!! 

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