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A couple late evening shots taken recently at Minneopa Falls, on the south edge of Mankato. Just too late to get the sun-bursts through the trees, but enough soft light to make the foliage pop.


Meghan was going along just to play a game on her phone, but she decided to start putting her Samsung to work taking a few pics of her own (they turned out great, too!)


The little footbridge over the falls area. Small falls to the right, larger falls to the left.


A couple shots of the small falls, taken from the north end of the footbridge. 


This one is my current desktop wallpaper... 



After a short walk around the large falls basin, there's an opening in the foliage allowing folks to see the falls. I'd guess this shot has been taken a bazillion times over the years, lol...



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29 minutes ago, WWChunk said:

Great shots Sandy!! What settings did you use for the desktop waterfall picture?

I added these same shots to a new gallery, the complete exif info is in there. The pertinent parts are:

  • f/6.3
  • 1 second exposure (1/1)
  • ISO 400


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