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Crusing along in my P-51 over Normandy


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Last evening I was poking around the Mudmover server.

Full real other than freindly Icon Only at 2K

Map set is Normandy, I take off from the south red field. near Port du Hoc.

I start my climb, it's a bit bumpy today very hazy with a storm moving in over the channel.

I level off at 6900 meters. And turn towards the lines. I hear some fighting but with the settings, it is very hard to pick anyone out, espicallly with the haze.

Suddenly i see a black contrail at co-alt some distance off. I zoon the pit in and see a lil blip ahead of the contrail, Could it be a 262?

The black contrail would show for about a min then would disaprear then return awhile later. this hade to be man made. so i workedout an intercept angle and started closing on the jet. I got into a light layer up at 7000 meters and i lost the damn HUN!!!! crap where did he go.

I hear that awful scream of the twin jet engines, but i cannot see a source for this agravation.

Then i break through the layer at about 7200 meters. and .60 off my 12 is the 262- we going to go head on. zoom..... i get a few burst in during the pass as does he, We both miss each other.

He kicks his ship in the pants and breaks into a high left turn. , I go into an immelman pull up and complete the half loop i see i'm at his six, i roll upright, push the wEP on and start regaining speed i come about well behind and at co alt.

He kills his engines and starts a left hand turn to come back at me. I tirm nose down and pitch down slightly to gain some added speed. He is closing real fast. hard to keep a bead on him. we go in another head on, guns blaring. He misses, i get a part of his Rudder. he kicks in the engines and zooms on away, i proceed to stay flat and turn back to his six.

The nummy, for some unknown reason, does a split s and looses like 1000 meters, i am now higher and with more e than he. he blasts the throtle and comes back up to me. i roll inverted past his aiming point, pull back hard and come about on his six, somewhat like a vertical lead turn.

Ping, Ping. a few nicely place 50 cals, into his left engine and the flames start to roll!!!!!!!!!!!

The Hun flips a S! as he makes the long fall from 6000 meters. I check the plane all seems well. I throw a S! back at him do a few victory rolls and go back home to tell the guys on the ground that i got to tangle with a 262.

Man i would have to say this was the most fun i have ever had while flying online. This battle lasted for 15 mins or so. I was sweating my ass off, Classic though P-51 vs a 262.... loved it...



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