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Happy birthday WWSandMan!!


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Thanks all!

Yes, had a good day. Had to work (so not such a great start to the day I guess) but after leaving a little early, it was nice. Unusually warm for November in Minnesota. But I got to spend the evening with Meghan and my daughter Rebecca. We enjoyed a nice meal together, and watched some silly shows on TV while getting cozy. 

My daughter gave me a really nice birthday card (in which she called me an old shit, LMAO) and a package of 48 AA batteries (to feed my camera flash unit) .. all lovingly (and frustratingly) individually wrapped. That's my daughter, all heart!

Meghan really spoiled me. Besides buying dinner and having it door-dashed in (steak, shrimp, potatoes and green beans, yumm!) she bought me a pair of balls. 

... I'll let that sink in. ...

Okay, to clarify, she bought me a pair of Lens Balls. They're made of K9 dense glass (like crystal) and are perfectly round. One is 60mm, one is 80mm in diameter. The idea is to use them for photography... I have to learn how to use them first, but I'm looking forward to  .... yes ... playing with my balls. 🤣


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