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During the flight this evening, someone asked for "what I have been working on" with respect to snapviews.

So without further ado... (don't judge me..., some of these are nice, some... well... let's call it an iterative process...)


1 - Copy all of your current snapviews (data/luaScripts/snapviews) into a suitable backup folder.

Unzip darkdiz_snapviews into the above folder.  Enjoy.  If you don't enjoy, simple copy back those other files you backed up.

Why: I looked at the default snapviews, and found that you can see a whole hockey-sock full of extra stuff by customizing each and every view.  I went with standard views (KP views) of 105 deg FOV (KP+/-), and head F/B/L/R/U/D/Rot/Bow optimized IMHO for most views.  The wider the FOV, the more you see, but it appears smaller.  If you want to see it closer, zoom in.  If you hit KP5, it will reset your view to what is in the file.  This holds true for all views without an up/down modifier (KP0 and KP Enter).  Most aircraft are pretty close, although I'm certain you could tweak some views here and there.  For the custom views (KP. modifier), these were VERY AC dependent.  Generally I tried to have it based on the gunsight, and the best view for KP6, 3, 1, and 4.  KP7, 8 and 9 were nose views (mostly), and KP2 was even more AC dependent.  For this view, I tried to get it on the compass, mirror, or other critical instrument up close.

Personally, I have these mapped to a hat on my joystick, along with the modifiers, so it is very quick for me to use these.  I also have Track IR which I am in mostly, but sometimes its quicker to use a pre-defined view key, especially when checking your 6.


Was fun flying with you guys this evening.



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