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Yes, lots of action! I had to leave early, but I think everyone had 5+ kills when I left, with a couple over 10. Lots of action, but timed in such a way as to be constant but not (often) overwhelming. 

I do need to read up on the latest update's changes to FC  flight models. The DR1 was very different from what I remember, and I've never had issues catching up to Dolphins (while flying Alby's) before. So the learning curve was a bit surprising at first. Or maybe I simply need to fly the canvas birds more often, lol.

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Fun mission last night Duck,

I had a look at the mission in the ME this morning. The 4 barges were set up fine so I guess no credit is given for a kill. I'm sure in the past there was, so maybe some new patch 'fixed' them but good.

Where did you get such complex logic for that mission or is that your handy work.

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