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A few photos of my first foray into playing with my Birthday gift balls... Umm, not those balls. Rather -and this may sound worse- a pair of balls given to me by my lady friend Meghan. And just like most balls, they're not the same size. LOL ... 

What she got me was a pair of K9-glass lens balls. One is 60mm, the other 80mm. Each has a zippered leather and terry-cloth ball holder, a small glass stand, and a microfiber cloth (for those pesky fingerprints). All in a nice foam-lined box, the set by a company called MerryNine. 






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Lol... and as a Christmas gift, Meghan got me a third ball. This one is the largest available, and is one hefty piece of glass. I'm going to head out this weekend with camera and balls, and see if I can get some cool scenery pics (we finally got snow on the 23rd) using the balls. I'm a bit undecided on whether I want to invert the images obtained so they appear right side up, or leave them appearing upside down within the ball, but the background is right side up. Conundrums!

Here's another example ... (taken before I knew about the larger lens ball under the tree, lol)


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