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The plan at most covid care faucility is to give the first of 2 doses to 1/2 or 1/3 of the employees , and then the others get their first dose 2 weeks later. Its expected that side effects in some of them that would keep employees, doctors, nurses, etc could make a number of the ones who just started the vaccine to miss a day or week of work  

One of my nephews wife is a RN, I heard through the grape vine that she has accepted a $50,000 bonus to sign a contract to go work in Illinios for 3 months. Nurses getting around $190 an hour in hazzard and 'overtme' pay here in the midwest. Lots of PTSD in that profession see so many deaths and watching people die alone with reletives begging the nurses to be there at a bedside holding a picture of the family/spouse as the patient slips away. 

Get tough, now that they know you are retiring, I would not be shy about telling people who like wearing their face masks with their nose hanging out to  get the F back away from me. I would never enter a covid heavy area without a N or R95 mask and a face shield on. Lewis Hamilton a F1 driver for Mercedes tested positive for covid, even after all the protections he and the team took to keep employees negitive. 

Stay safe, its ok to define what you expect from people who want to interact with you in public.

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