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Well, I"ll  start and post a picture of our small living room with some of our festve dec's up.  I definitely don't feel worthy to post 

a picture here due to such great photographers in this squad, but as you know I am not a proud man so here it is.  I'd love to see 

others as well, if you care to share.

So in that--- Happy Holidays to all and here is to a great " New Year " ( please )  !!!!    

Christmas 2020.jpg

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Casa Sandy (well, actually Meghan's place, I just live here) ... Her son's car in the driveway. A few lights up outside, barely have a tree up yet. No snow any more (had some in November, but it's been dry and warm since then), so it's hard to get in the festive mood. That will change this weekend. :) 


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Looks like you are getting in the festive spirit there Sandy, looks really nice---- cute house, also !!!

I need to work more on our outside light arrangements, you got a very nice set-up, and off subject---- your pictures are much clearer and professional than mine---🤔



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On 12/16/2020 at 6:18 PM, WWSittingduck said:

frigging camera has tooooo many settings...

Hey Duck... When the camera is not doing what you want, set it to Auto, take the photo. There's no shame in taking the photo any way you want, it's the photo that matters. 

Meghan is always teasing me that I spend far too much time learning and studying the mechanical details and not enough time taking photos. She's right. I happen to enjoy taking my time to see what various combinations of settings will do to any given photo. That's part of the fun with digital... you can take thousands of photos, to get one nice photo. And when the photo isn't quite nice enough, post-production is a real thing that can make great photos out of near disasters. My photo above was terribly under-exposed when I shot it. A few minutes in LightRoom, and it looked a lot better. Not great, it's still got lots of grainy crud in it due to using too high an ISO, but it's better than it was. 

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Wow, 2 trees Chunk.  And both are beautiful.  Also really love the village. I have a village also that each year I keep adding something new. This year I added 

a few new trees that I make from small real pieces that fall from our pines here and then use some white-out( paper correction ) to make the snow on the limbs

and then spray with some clearcoat. I also did a smoke mod for the village as with the il-2 sim---ha !!!! Smoke via some vitamin bottle cotton.

Happy Holidays everyone !!!!!!  



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