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Festive pics


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Traditional fare at casa Darkdiz on Christmas Eve. This year will be slightly different, as most of them will be delivered via “Dad’s Door Dash”, and then virtually shared via Skype.

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Hopefully they will stay warm enough...

Merry Christmas Wing Walkers, and here’s to many more.

Nick “Darkdiz” Lisney and family


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Well....we have a new tradition this year since it is just Robyn and I. 

We kept receiving amazon packages from each other and our two daughters over the last few months.  Finally gave up on trying to figure out who they come from or who they are for.  Decided to hell with it.  Not wrapping anything, just put all the packages under the tree.  Than I numbered them 1 thru 18 and we are going to pull numbers from a hat and we take turns opening whatever it happens to be from whoever it happens to be from. 

Happy Amazon Christmas!!!


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A couple additional pics from Casa Meghan and Sandy ... 


It finally snowed! (but came in sideways and caused blizzard warnings and shut down most of the state on Dec. 23rd, LOL) 


The bare wall behind the tree worked well to accent the reflected lights. 


a lens-ball view of the tree ... gotta love the bokeh! 


Meghan and Rocky* getting cozy on the couch. 

* Rocky was supposed to get a haircut on the 22nd ... but he injured a shoulder over the weekend and had to go to the vet Monday. Turns out nothing was broken, no surgery or anything like that required. Just some doggy medicine to keep him in a quiet haze for a few days while his shoulder healed up. But that meant no visit to the doggy barber, so he remains a fluff-ball. We did give him a home haircut so he could see... the fur was completely blocking his vision. 

We visited Meghan's daughter and family on Christmas Eve, and my daughter joined us on Christmas day. Masks worn, to the chagrin of the children (and adults, lol.) But was nice to see family. 

Hope everyone in the Wing Walkers' family enjoyed your Holiday Celebrations (whichever faith or way of celebrating you may follow.) Looking forward to being done with 2020, the year that was supposed to bring us clarity of vision instead brought us Covid and resulted in a complete shit-show. I'm hopeful that 2021 will be a much better year, and will see the world return to something approaching normalcy again. I miss live concerts! 


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