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Flying Circus – Volume II

It’s been over 100 years since the end of WWI, a conflict that shaped the modern world and killed tens of millions of people. It was an era that saw a new invention, the airplane, become a weapon of war. It also saw devastation like never before all along the vast Western Front in France. Trench warfare, artillery barrages, machine guns nests, and poison gas made ground combat an ugly, nasty affair. But above the brutal meatgrinder, a ballet of winged machines made largely of canvas and wood, piloted by knights for a new age, dueled to the death in a most personal way. Flying Circus: Volume II brings a renewed effort to recreate the WWI aerial battlefield on your PC and expand upon the work of Flying Circus: Volume I with a more diverse plane-set, a larger map and a Pilot Career mode.  

Flying Circus: Volume II will continue our long tradition of bringing WWI aerial warfare to your computer with an explosive plane-set that includes not only fighters, but bombers and recon aircraft. This will bring a more diverse range of missions available to the user. When combined with the existing plane-set from FC1 most of the aircraft that saw combat from 1917 to the end of the war in 1918 are represented. Flying Circus: Volume II is a big leap forward in aircraft, map and mission content setting up the Flying Circus range of products for an exciting future.  

Flying Circus - Volume II is part of the IL-2 Great Battles series and can be used both as a standalone product and together with other games in the series – Flying Circus: Volume I, Battle for Stalingrad, Battle for Moscow, Battle of Kuban and Operation Bodenplatte. All together they form a single combat flight simulator of both world wars. 

 Large Western Front map (120,00 sq. km.) with cities, towns, airfields, factories, bridges, farms and the treacherous "No Man's Land".

 Ten legendary aircraft of the era - Spad 7.C1, Airco DH.4, Sopwith Triplane, Nieuport 28.C1, Breguet 14.B2, Handley Page 0-400, DFW C.V., Fokker D.VIII, Gotha G.V., Pfalz D.XII

 Aircraft models include field and weapon modifications from the era. 

 Numerous types of buildings, hangars, ground vehicles and scenery objects to enhance mission environment.

 Detailed and precise exterior models of aircraft with 4K skins.

 Full-scale 3D interior of each aircraft that looks amazing in VR.

 Fly as an observer/gunner in properly equipped aircraft.

 Custom skins support.

 Pilot Career Mode

 Quick Mission Builder.

 Two multiplayer modes of gameplay - Cooperative and Dogfight.

 Realistic ballistics modeling.

 Realistic gun and bombsight visuals and operation such as the famous Aldis sight.

 Detailed physics model and performance of aircraft.

 Detailed damage model to simulate damage to planes made of lighter materials.

 Mission Editor support.

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I also have ordered it. Really looking forward to this one, and the much more robust stable of aircraft, and places over which to fly those ships. 

I was very tempted recently to reinstall Rise of Flight simply because Flying Circus is so limited... I swear I know every bump in no-man's-land between Lens and Arras. And I don't fly it very often!

Plus, the Wing Walkers got their start flying World War One birds... And I will always have deep feelings for a WW1 sim done well. Not that RB1 was so very good (especially on 2400 baud modems, lol!) but it is what brought me to the Wing Walkers back in '92. 

By the way, those on the most recent memorial flight may recall my use of the term "in" when spawning in, to ensure we spawned in the correct aircraft and in sequence. That term came from flying Red Baron and spawning in one at a time on the airfield in a multi-player session fronted through .... oh goodness, what was that front-end app? Anyway, if we spawned in all at once, it would crash the server. So we had to spawn more or less in order, and announce "in" when we were on the airfield. Some things don't change much... 

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I really enjoy the WW1 birds, used to love playing RB. That being said, I never really got on that well with RoF. I could never get it to just... work... There was always an issue.

With FC1 and hopefully 2, at least the inevitable system hiccups are manageable, and the experience is enjoyable, much like the entire IL2 franchise has been. I still have all of my original CDs from Forgotten Battles, Pacific Fighters and 1946.

In terms of the on-line experience, I started out on Air Warrior with a dial-up modem on GeNie and AOL. I found out though, that the experience, although sometimes rewarding, was mostly an exercise in frustration, as I seemed to always be that 1-hit-and-I’m-dead guy, after pouring my entire arsenal into someone, then he warps behind me and “3523 was killed” happens.

Voice command was a big step, but I soon had had enough of 10year olds on their parents account screaming into their mic, taunting everything that moved.

I think that finding the right fit of like-minded and like-aged folks to share the on-line experience with, regardless of what sim is used, is where it’s at. The sim is merely the vehicle.

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I loved RB.  I had been doing Chuck Yeager's Combat Simulator (lol) and the early versions of MSFS and had already a life-long fascination/infatuation with these WWI kites.  I dreamed of buiding a Sopwith Triplane in real life (it's just some wood and wires and fabric!!) and had built many a scale model.  So, the chance to FLY these WWI birds was a gift from heaven.  It made putting up with the growing pains of early online multiplayer quite acceptable. 

It was the mod for MSCS - Over Flanders Fields - that got me flying with Duck.  That was an impressive simulator for its time, and totally player built.  Then came the early IL2 iterations, particularly the Pacific where we flew Wildcats agaisnt Zeros off carriers in the slot with Fawlty and Robby and Dudley and Mustang and the rest of the Boys of '60.  Some of the most fun I've had.  So sad the new BOX franchise has abandoned the Pacific.  I loved the old single player Aces series (Europe and Pacific) as well and really miss that theater. 

When we all switched to RoF was when we Old Fokkers started flying with the WW folks, I think.  Lots of good co-op and squad v squad battles back in those days.  I miss some of the more zany folks in those older crews!  (What is Rod up to these days anyway?!?!...and I've been talking to Aussie about DCS some lately). 

Sorry for the trip down memory lane.  Sandy started it.  And I'm of that age....

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Ill be getting this for sure.....

...but this plane-set leaves a lot to be desired.


If you put in the Sop Triplane...why not early Albs?

If you put in the Fok. D VIII and Pf. D XII...why not Sop Snipe?


Where are the early year German scouts? 



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7 minutes ago, WWBrian said:


..but this plane-set leaves a lot to be desired.


I agree, we have enough late war stuff. I'd like to see some late 16 early 17 Like the N11 or 17, dh2 early albs, rolland. I do like the bombers but more for using in missions for escorting, and for our bomber boys.

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We might even get Sensei back flying with us if they ever include the mono's ... Fokker E-3's and Morane Saulnier's. Everyone who has been around in the earliest RB2 days could get a severe kick in the memory container if "Sunday Morning Monos" ever showed up in the server list again. 😄 

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