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DCS 2021 and beyond...

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4 hours ago, WWSandMan said:

Your complaint about the Vipers being ground pounders is why I want to relearn the F-16 as an air-to-air beast. I could really care less about the a-g stuff if I can get you there -and back- intact. 

Does anyone fly the F-15C on those servers or is it so simplified that it's not competitive? 

People absolutely fly the F-15 on there it’s a great plane, just not full fidelity. There’s a guy on the DCS forums that just put out a set of training missions for it that are really good. I think most fly the F-16 and F/A-18 because of the depth. But they fly like jackasses, not for the overall mission. The TTI servers really reward team play and not points mongers. 

3 hours ago, WWGriphos said:

We need to get into DCS together.  I'll fly the Hornet or the A-10 or the F-15 or whatever you guys want to fly. 

Yes we do. Are you guys available this coming weekend at all?

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Here are the checklist kneeboards I use, as well as a handy HOTAS command diagram with various, aka a shitload, commands.

Unzip that into your {User}\Saved Games\DCS folder

Hope y'all had a good time after I bounced, sorry I couldn't stay longer.


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Cephas and I quickly got shot down.  I couldn't figure out how to use any of my weapons and did a gun run on some SAM sites.  Couldn't figure out how to aim the guns, so just shot up the ground and then got shot down myself.

Sandy lasted longer than us.  I think he may have made it back to base.  So, at least he has a plane for next time.  🙂


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Appreciate the checklists above (printing now) and the time you took to walk us "leftWin+Home" engine starting folks through the real procedures.

I did make it back to base, and even parked and turned the thing off before leaving. I had some control issues yet (my PTT also happened to be the Chaff button, and I had to manually turn the durn dispenser off ) ... I did launch EVERY SINGLE chaff bundle and about half my flares.

I know I got lit up a few different times, the RWR was going bananas, to the point where I couldn't hear Cephas on comms at all. But I did enough stupid maneuvers to evade damage. Then I flew back home, using good old IFR (I follow roads) to get me there. 

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If you ever have the misfortune of turning your countermeasures on automatic, you’ll see just how fast they get depleted. 

If you set your HOTAS up exactly as Chuck has it in his guide, it’s BEYOND easy to learn. 

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Yeah, I don't have mine set that way... Though I'm going to experiment a bit with it this morning. Some of the controls worked, some did not.

My first concern is getting the ptt button right so it can be used across multiple sims in the same configuration. I always knew having it on my nose wheel steering button would eventually cause issues. 

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Here's a checklist I modified to run through everything as quickly as possible, and mostly flowing from left panel through center to right.  I only modified the first page from an original for the A-10C by Sydy on the Eagle Dynamics forums. And I included a horizontal version of the Hotas diagram Chunk included above. 




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