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Old Il2 1946 WWBattles events info

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I resurrected the old WWBattles IL2:1946 website from our series of battles back in 2005/08 for anyone interested in a blast from the past.  While not all the links are valid anymore quite a few of the events still have the mission info and event stats.  This old web page is definitely not optimized for mobile devices either so it may be hit and miss with the layout if you try to access it on a mobile device.


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It appears the links to some of the older events on the main page are having some formatting issues displaying the event results in the Main frame of the page.  If you resize the browser window in any way it seems to make it work.  I am still trying to figure out a fix but I do not have MS frontpage anymore to edit web pages easily.


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Wow... Yeah, a lot of the forum posts from back in those days didn't survive various transitions within the phpBB system, much less the change to Invision Community. Don't expect links to the old forums to work at all. 

But still very cool to see the pilot names and vast array of campaigns fought. Nice trip down memory lane, thanks!

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