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New Mission Editor plane choice: The X-Wing Sturmovik

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Still learning the ME and developing a strong distaste for its constant crashing while learning to save every 30 seconds, but still having fun building my first mission.  So I was working with random triggers and spawning and during testing I had quite the interesting occurrence when I tried spawning in a pair of Sturmoviks.


Behold the X-Wing Sturmovik!  The Germans don't stand a chance now!  And yes they were permanently joined and not just crashing through each other.  Now we only need to work out a few aerodynamic and control issues.


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Truly amazing.

With regards to constant crashing Cephas. I find I can somewhat avoid it by "set group as working" or having a group working before saving.

I've noticed for example if I'm deleting a bunch of cities on part of the map, the city group I've been working on becomes ungrouped,

if I try saving at that point I will get a ME crash. There's other reasons for crashes and lots of talk on the forums but I've had very few problems.


Here's a image of a mission I'm working on for this Sunday. Notice everything is grouped. The save times are much faster.




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Duck, Fawlty, Zed and Geezer have a good grasp on the mission editor stuff, Cephas. Any of those gents will be able to steer you in the right direction. As for the groups, I believe they had me create a forum section in this area where they share created groups to speed the process of creation. Sort of a "no need to reinvent the wheel every freakin' time" thing. 

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