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Landing the Hornet on the boat...

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One of the nice things about DCS is carrier ops.  Loved it in the IL-2 Pacific theater, and now DCS gives us the modern take on it, and any USN aircraft combined with the Supercarrier module is just a treat.  That being said, landing on that sucker can be a task and a half.  The Tomcat, for me, is the easier of the two.  It's more seat of the pants, stick and rudder flying, and I'm successful 95% of the time on my first go around.  The Hornet on the other hand, is like trying to ride a black tornado (if I may quote Chris LeDoux).  It has a fly by wire system, and the computer is very adamant about being in charge.  That means that you can't just fly it onto the boat in any old configuration.  I've had dozens and dozens of ramp strikes, as well as wave-offs.  Now, I've read the manual(s) and knew you had to be at a certain AOA while in the groove, but it wasn't until I watched Jabbers' video that it really clicked.  Just snagged my first three-wire,, and albeit off center, I felt pretty damn good about it.  Anyway...here's the video if you're having issues like I was, and I'd love to hear what @WWGriphos has to say about how the DTP training for carrier landings was done.


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