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Sunday WW1 Match


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Good Day WW,

Well we are set to host on Sunday night the 14th at 6 pm, we are looking forward to it. I don't think we have ever had more than 10 on the server so I am praying it runs ok, but finding out is important. The Domination mission has been made a little harder it's probably the biggest stretch in mission building I have attempted.

The mission starts on the mud and is all about the ground war covering your bombers and attacking there's is the key to moving the lines, each line has 14 objects , MG will trigger by damage but field guns must be destroyed. 12 of 14 will make the line retreat do this twice and you take offence. The other side will be forced to defend. If by chance the other team takes the line before you can finish it the line will move back to the center, I am hoping this will provide lots of action out there.

After winning the mud war there will be 2 objectives to take before the first airbase becomes available to attack, these objectives will turn to your side once taken but can be taken back again to help with the defense of the air base, Once the airbase is lost you will move to the rear base this is your last resort to hold and run out the mission. Any objects that shoot ,fly, or roll on wheels are targets at airbases. If you take last airbase there will be a small task to do to win mission by objective.

Balloons will also change sides once destroyed they consist of 2 flack wagons and a balloon, if there not blazing at you they might have been taken over all ready so careful of friendly fire.

Well that's the drift of it I am hoping it doesn't disappoint anyone it's been an experiment in creating something a bit different . Our TS3 server is................no20squadron.teamspeak3.com............................and the password for server...... FCWW1-RAF NO.20 Sunday Invite .......will be ..........................bass ...............

Salute  NO.20 McGoun

P.S Dang I knew I forgot something .....We will all meet in server decide team balance and I will start mission with an on screen countdown 2 hour mission time will start at that point. Since the mud war is important it is only fair both sides start at the same time.


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Firmware is good, controller number changed in game.  Have to remap all previous settings that I initially did direct in game.  Because I adjusted the throttle curves to a "J" curve to allow for afterburner detent, I have to use the Target software in order to maintain those curves.  Problem now is that some of the key/switch presses are not recognized by the game if I try to use them.  Only about half of the presses using direct to in game settings are accepted.

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The file for your old settings is the current.map file found in the main data directory.  If you backed it up, you could simply take the backup and copy it over.

Target shouldn't interfere with in-game maps, if the specific switch in target is set to null.  Here is my blank template with all of the commands set to null.  You should be able to adjust the axis settings for your joy and throttle to whatever you need, leave the rest, should be gtg.

New Configuration Template.fcf

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Yup, had a blast, no literally had a blast, someone in a BrisFit unloaded their bombs down low and nearly took a couple of out😀.  Would really like to see this mission format developed some more, has a lot of possibilities.

Thanks Terry and NO.20 Sqaudron👍

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You guys are very welcome and it pointed out many areas I could improve things a bit that I would not have thought of without your participation . The 20th thanks you for joining in and look forward to more fun in the future. Salute 


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