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Saturday in Minnesota, pandemic style

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So... my gal Meghan is a 'work-from-home' lady and the walls were closing in on her. Minnesota recently opened up some public venues (restaurants, bars, etc) for limited seating, with more available if you use outdoor accommodations.  

Hmm. Lets look at that again. February. Minnesota. Outdoors. 

I'm guessing you wouldn't expect a lot of takers for that little exercise. Except... It's Minnesota. We've got this.


Add into the mix that we've been craving the noise of people, and music, and general socialization. So, our plan was to attend a favorite local pub (the Circle Inn <stagger out>) which has set up some large tents in their parking lot (allowed to have three sides closed, one side must remain open - rules.) Inside those tents are some high intensity gas heaters that each contain a 20lb propane bottle and stand about 7 feet tall. And a bunch of tall tables, bar chairs and short tables with regular chairs.


In one tent one of the local musical talents ("Boots") was doing his folksie musical bit with his son doing brush percussion. 


(note this style vertical heater.on the left of the photo  above... this style worked far better in throwing heat out than the one Meghan used to warm her nose, below)

Even with all the warmth in the tents, Meghan still got a chilly nose... 



We had a blast. So much fun to see and be near folks again (masked-up except when at your table,per da rulz.) The Circle Inn closed for the day at 5pm (sun going down, temps plummeting and music finished about 4:30) so we made a couple stops in town to burn a little time. Picked up a take-out order from the best local family steak house (Papa George's, if you ever visit), and headed home.

We finished our day-date with a wonderful steak dinner and wine (do you like our fancy wine chilling bucket, lol), and the local symphony doing a string quartet live stream. 


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