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Variable Strength AI Fighter CAP group

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I made a group for my Holland 1944 sandbox gameplay map that spawns a number of planes in proportion to number of live players who spawn into a mission.

After the first person spawns it begins a 7 minute period where it counts how many people spawn in (currently limited to tracking the first 8).   (Counters are 1,4,6,8)

I have it set for a 1-2 ratio of planes to players as the primary goal of this mission is ground attack and the enemy patrol is just for extra flavor in the mission.

The highest triggered counter from spawn inputs then deletes the lower numbered counters and sends a signal to the appropriate spawn routine (Currently it then runs through a random 1, 5M, 10M delay) and spawns the fighter(s) which then begin a triangular repeating pattern of Waypoints set to low priority.

When every plane from that group is destroyed they will respawn with a random delay (0,5M,10M).

If the AI CAP planes run low on fuel or out of MMG they will divert to the landing waypoint at Medium priority.  (You can set this to deactivate instead of land if wanted of course)

Whether landed or deactivated they will once again respawn continually once removed.


I fully tested this through every circuit and it should all be pretty foolproof.

The 7 minute join delay for counting was a number I just picked out of my head but seemed right.

The routes have been condensed in the pic and group file so it would not take up too much space, you will need to stretch the waypoints out and find a suitable landing site.



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But wait, if you act now you can download this new improved version with random waypoint direction!!  Operators are standing by!


So on this one there are two triangular  patrol patterns, one CW and the other CCW, when the variable strength routine is complete every sortie that launches afterwards will have a 50/50 chance of going either direction.




Variable Strength AI Fighter Patrol with Random Waypoint.zip



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