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They have a driver that locks out certain things Bitcoin fuckers, I mean miners, need to optimize whatever it is they do. Unfortunately, it’s software and not hardware bound, so I’ll not be shocked when it’s cracked. Also, this thing isn’t on the same level as the 3080/3090, and while it’s a good card, I would not personally short change myself out of those two higher end cards. YYMV, that strictly my take on it. 

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I had a -60 card once long ago. Maybe 560? Anyway... It sucked. It was lackluster at best compared to a preivous gen -70 card. The -80 cards are high-end and usually expensive. The -70 cards are great but not stellar performers. But cards like my previous 870 (?) and current 1070 perform well, and were/are - in my opinion - worth their price. The one -80 series card I had was amazing for it's time. Superb card, lasted me several years. But it was spendy ... 

That's why I have my sights set firmly on the 3070 card, preferably one of the Founder's Edition cards. Basic, no frills, great performing cards. Right in my wheelhouse.

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I have been running a EVGA RTX 2060 for a year now.  Consistent 60 fps (locked) most of the time, sometimes big smoke clouds knock it down to 45 fps.  Running at Full 4K res and most settings max so a 3060 ought to do pretty well in IL2.

Mfr Part Number: 06G-P4-2068-KR
Boost Clock: 1755 MHz
Memory Clock: 14000 MHz Effective
CUDA Cores: 1920
Bus Type: PCIe 3.0
Memory Detail: 6144MB GDDR6
Memory Bit Width: 192 Bit
Memory Bandwidth: 336 GB/s

Some manufacturers put slower cheap ram on good GPU's which leads to bottlenecks affecting performance so be careful when buying, try to find a review of the exact card you are going to purchase to make sure this is not the case..  This card was a great blend of speed/memory/budget.  I hate spending more than $300 on a vid card, this one was $350 one year ago.  Pretty darn happy with it.

EDIT: Just took a look at one of the 330 dollar versions on 3060 and they all appear to have twice the memory but same core speed and twice as many CUDA cores (Whatever they do).  Memory speed is just a small percentage faster.  So they probably run very well for the money.  If you can find one.... MSI GeForce RTX 3060 DirectX 12 Ultimate RTX 3060 VENTUS 2X 12G Video Card -https://www.newegg.com/msi-geforce-rtx-3060-rtx-3060-ventus-2x-12g/p/N82E16814137638?Item=N82E16814137638

https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-RTX-3060-vs-Nvidia-RTX-2060/4105vs4034  So with double the memory and CUDA it is only about 10% faster than my 2060.


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Ive been doing some reading on this, and I agree with Cephas, the 2060 Super is another choice, not sure about buying a used video card on Ebay, you never know if the seller just wants to upgrade, or if they have overclocked it,  with a voltage increase, and shortened its remaining lifetime, or the card has artifacts, and seller doesnt accept returns. If you can find a new 3060ti, at the $300 price, following Cephas's recommendations above, it's a better performing card than the founders edition 3060. 

Still chugging along with my nearly free GTX970, after getting some money back from Nvidia? for them advertising a 4gb memory card, when it can only really use 3.5gb, compared to how other cards memories are advertised and used in real time gaming. 

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3060 is a better card than the 1080 (like I have and works a charm at my resolution - 19x10 {or full HD} - in IL2; steady frames in the 110 range). but if you already have a 1080, and it is working well, I don't see the need to shell out $350 - $450 for the 2060 or the 3060 ... unless you need the ray-tracing, or are upping your resolution to 2k or 4k.

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