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Re-Kuban Plane selection for each flight - input needed

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I have started prepping for the changeover to the Russian side of the Kuban campaign but I need each flight to decide on a plane they would like to fly otherwise you might be assigned one you don't care for which is no fun.


Gold Flight - A20, Pe2 or IL2   

The A20 is awesome, but it's bomb loadout and fwd. .50 Mg ammo supply is limited.  It can out turn a 109 in a dogfight and absorb a ton of damage and has the best visibility of any bomber.  This is the closest to the current HE-111 you currently prefer.  If only it had quad 50's with more ammo I would switch Flights!

The IL2 is the proverbial flying tank,  Good guns, great selection of ordnance and hard to shoot down, but controls are mushy, the plane is slow and visibility is terrible.

The Pe2 looks nimble, but isn't.  It is a dog in most respects unless you want your AI gunners racking up kills for you (if you survive).


Red/Blue/Black - My 2 cents on each plane

I-16:  You know it, you hate to fight it, so grab your neck scarf and hop in!  On paper it does not look very good but is a nasty little dogfighting machine.  Unfortunately your cannon goes quickly and your remaining 7.62s are crap.  Fantastic visibility.

Lagg3: You want a challenge, you really want a challenge?  Fly this.

Mig 3: A good all around airplane, excels at nothing but sucks at nothing.

P39:  If you can get past the wing stalls and manage to hit with the big gun it may be a plane for you,  It also can shoot 7.62 for days, whatever good that will do you.

P40:  Another challenging plane, slow and not a very good turn fighter.  The engine is easy to blow. With 4x .50's it can shoot for 43 seconds continuously though and carry a big bomb.  I would love to have that guns and ammo loadout on any plane.

Yak1:  (No Yak7 in late 42) Kind of like driving a Cadillac STS.  Smooth, stable, and turns well, but the single 20mm gun is limited and the secondary's are crap 7.62s.  You will easily get one kill and then be out of ammo.  Does carry rockets and bombs though.

Hurricane: I am cheap and have to wait for it to go on sale to test.  Paper specs are terrible, but I have heard people say it is good and the AI ones are difficult to kill.  Not sure yet whether the Hispanos are available in Kuban but it does also do Russian 20mm. 12x 303's is hilarious.


Black Flight:  I personally  am leaning towards the I-16 (and am perusing Amazon.com for a suitable scarf to wear in preparation).  While I am most deadly in the Yak I want a bit of a challenge and 2x 20mm.  

If you are flying Black now and want to do so in Re-Kuban and have a different preference please post here or chat with me sometime.


Red Flight:  I already have some Red flight interest in the Hurricane from a previous post, it does carry big guns and bombs like a FW so it may be a good choice, although the speed loss will be significant.


Blue Flight:  The most similar to the 109 in performance is the Yak1, so unless there is consensus on a different airframe this is probably the default, or also possibly the Mig.




EDIT:  Please note Hurricane will not have Hispanos 20mm or Boost in this campaign, only 2x Shvak 20mm in 1942.

Once again I am linking my updated Russian airplane test map.  It loads super fast because it is on the tiny dogfight map.  I have also added a scramble fighter base in the middle RH airbase,  The Gold Flight options are in there now too.


In the NW there is a single 109G2 co-alt (500).

In the NE there is a pair of 109G2s at 2K alt.

In the SW there is a single 190A3  co-alt (500).

In the SE there is a pair of 190A3s at 2K alt.

The enemy respawns 1 minute after death, so if you boogie back to the middle you can pick another corner if you want.

There are also a couple airfields in the middle if you want to practice landing.  I do not think the AI planes will bother you there.


Re-Kuban Plane testing.zip

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I'm almost leaning P-39 ... At low altitudes, it's merely terrible, and can actually turn. The armament is sufficient (nose cannon -I'd opt for the 20mm and not the 37mm-  and nose MG plus wing MG's), bomb load a bit light at a single 250, tricycle gear. 

I've done the LaGG-3 before, am not going back to it. That pig sucks.

MiG-3 is a possibility, but likely more useful to Blue flight. Fast, best at higher altitudes. Fly it like an underpowered P-51. 

Something to note, all the Russian fighters have limited top-dive speed. V-Max in a dive of around 700kph, maybe a bit more. Maybe less. Red-flights attack on the airfield included a 750kph+ approach, cannot do that in a Russian bird, they'll fall apart.

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Posted (edited)

I did a lot of Mig flying this morning and I may have to agree with you @WWDriftwood.  At 40 percent fuel (1 hour endurance @ 350) and 20mm cannons I could not lose to a single FW and even the 109's were not too hard, although they took considerably longer to get advantage on.  If I held my precious 12 seconds of cannon fire until I was close enough to ensure I did not miss I was able to get 5-6 kills per sortie, but also had to risk being damaged by parts falling off the enemy.  Engine management is easy, and stalls are very mild and predictable.

I also tried the 12.7mm loadout and was actually impressed with them as well, they seemed to hit a lot harder than the American .50's do, but I think I will stay with cannons.

I even tried the wing pod 12.7s and the penalty to turning was not too bad,  (they are a very small pod after all)   If I bound my trigger keys I could double my ammo amount by shooting the cannons first and then switch to the wing mounted 12.7's.

Perhaps the Mig will be my primary choice with the I-16 a backup.


@WWSandMan I do not see any option in game for 20mm on the P39 Sandman,  Also the 37mm does not seem all that powerful, or maybe I just never get the big rounds to hit.

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Can we all agree on the MiG 3? (to start) be nice to focus on that plane for now. 

Maybe just add the planes on the list as an option so if pilots have trouble in any particular plane they can opt to switch. Those who have the Hurricane could get some Hurri time in. I know that's not exactly how the missions fighter groups are setup in terms of red/blue/black but some of pilots just don't have a lot of time in these planes (I know I don't). 

Doesn't matter which plane is better if your not comfortable flying it. / fun factor goes down as well... 

Sheriff goes through the MiG, he will mention setting the flap limiter which would be a huge advantage - doesn't work / bugged / borked. I posted about this in the JG1 post and on the IL2 forum. So only use the flaps for landing, hold the flap button down until the flap wheel stops turning, then release for full flaps. Don't start stop extending the flaps since they retract full while adjusting them. 

I like the MiG 2 x BS 12.7mm / Russian 50 cal as recommended by Sheriff., after I made that change, it put a grin on my face, bang for your buck tapping the trigger. (IMHO)

For me it was getting used to pretty much flying full throttle and using the mixture to adjust power in combo with throttle as needed, which I'm not used too.  

I'll have time tonight, maybe someone can put up a mission with these planes..... 

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OK I bought the Hurricane.

WOW, just WOW.  Turns inside a 109 like a ballet dancer and the Russian 20mms chew them up with just a couple quick taps on the trigger.

Literally closing right on their tail from .40 to .15 in one turn.  For some reason the Ace AI would never try to extend either.

I don't even have the cockpit engine cheat sheet for this plane but the engine kept chugging along even when I forgot and left in boost for 5 minutes after using it a couple times in 2 previous fights.

It is super stable as well and the guns seem to shoot much faster and straighter requiring less lead than other Russian planes.

(I actually have a hard time seeing any tracers on the Mig)


This plane has the Easy button.

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Aw, no 20mm for the 39? Yeah, never mind. Not a fan of the 37mm nose cannon. 

Sounds like the MiG or the Hurri. But... Light frames with inline engines = not so good for ground pounding.

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The only good ground pounder is the Sturmo really.

Sounds like we may have a fight between Red and Blue for the Hurricane  :)

As Mission Builder maybe I can make some money on this.......


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Nice! I like the tribute to Lily, that's class.

Can you keep the following phrases on hand for future Russian skins for me, please?

"введите песочный человек" == "Enter the sandman" 

"песочный человек манит" == "the sandman beckons"

"знать зло" == "know evil"

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3 hours ago, WWDarkdiz said:

Do you have a translation for "Princess"

(Trying to ge that on all of my pers aircraft)

Принцесса == "Printsessa" == Princess


33 minutes ago, WWDubya said:

How about, "I feel pretty"?

Я чувствую себя красивой == " YA chuvstvuyu sebya krasivoy" == "I feel beautiful" 

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  • 1 month later...

I looked it up, Еира, looks like Eupa (Arial Bold Italic font) on the side of my IL2.  My faithful Wingdog...

WWДаркдиз is WWDarkdiz, also on the side of my Russian birds, as well as Принцесса (Princessa).  Just for kicks I looked up WWGreywolfe too... WWГреыwолфе

Probably not exact translations, just letter for letter, but at least they look kind of cool on the airframes (I did a Hurri, Il2/43 and a SpitV).  I'll post them up at some point, once I get the rest of my ever-growing skins collection under control...

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