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Airbase AI Scramble, Variable Strength Group

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This group can be used at airfields to scramble intercept fighters anytime the enemy approaches.

It is currently set to trigger at 8K meters (Allied targets, Axis 109 Scramblers).  It is variable strength depending on how many players join the mission in the first seven minutes.  It currently is set to a 1-1 ratio of  scramble planes to spawned players up to a maximum of 4 scrambling fighters at a time.

If the scramblers do not detect and attack a nearby enemy right away after takeoff, they will begin patrolling near the base for 20 minutes, then land.  Once landed the base resets, ready to scramble again.

The base can be deactivated by destroying the parked fighters that are sitting idle near where the active planes took off.

While idle this Group uses almost no server resources.

You will have to manually place the active and idle planes around your airbase in a suitable location.

There needs to be an input link to trigger this Group.  Connect an "OnSpawn" link from your player airfield(s) to the input timer to activate the field and automatically set the variable strength.  (Right click on airfield entity and select from pull down menu)

Airbase Scramble Group.zip


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