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Airbase AI Scramble, Variable Strength Group

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This group can be used at airfields to scramble intercept fighters anytime the enemy approaches.

It is currently set to trigger at 8K meters (Allied targets, Axis 109 Scramblers).  It is variable strength depending on how many players join the mission in the first seven minutes.  It currently is set to a 1-1 ratio of  scramble planes to spawned players up to a maximum of 4 scrambling fighters at a time.

If the scramblers do not detect and attack a nearby enemy right away after takeoff, they will begin patrolling near the base for 20 minutes, then land.  Once landed the base resets, ready to scramble again.

The base can be deactivated by destroying the parked fighters that are sitting idle near where the active planes took off.

While idle this Group uses almost no server resources.

You will have to manually place the active and idle planes around your airbase in a suitable location.

There needs to be an input link to trigger this Group.  Connect an "OnSpawn" link from your player airfield(s) to the input timer to activate the field and automatically set the variable strength.  (Right click on airfield entity and select from pull down menu)

Airbase Scramble Group.zip


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I have a newer much more complicated version I use now but it is still pretty easy to drop onto any airbase and re-organize the placement of units to match whatever field you place them on.

Once you are familiar with all the parts of it you can populate an airbase in 5 minutes.

There are several different parts to setting up this group:


First, after I import the group I move  the entire group until the airfield icon is centered on the mission map airfield icon.

Then you can reposition ground static objects around the airfield, or change them to whatever object type you want.  (i.e. turn He-111 into JU-88)

Then you need to place the scramble fighters in an appropriate runway position and make sure they are turned in that direction.

Then make sure the 4 waypoints for them are located past the end of the runway about .5K away.

Then place the 4 anti aircraft positions in  suitable corners of the field.  (All the AAA are set to a detection circuit that turns them on when an enemy is in range and deactivates when away to save cpu)

There are also 2 AA vehicles set to move back and forth on the edges of the field which will need to be placed.  (Each vehicle has 2 waypoints it cycles between)

Place the ammo dump and trucks accordingly and there are also several other ammo trucks you can place by fuel tanks or barracks.


There are three hangars with a live planes inside.  These need to be placed on the edge of the field but near the start of the runway.  This group detects a nearby enemy and creates a single plane that will spawn in a random hangar, start, and taxi to the runway and takeoff to defend the base.

It will repeat this action until the base is suppressed or the enemy departs the area.

This plane has its own detection circuit that is set much closer to the airfield than the scramble alert fighters to ensure the enemy is actually attacking the field.

This taxiing plane will need to detect the first runway taxi point on the Edit Chart function of the airfield object.  That first taxi point should be about 100 yards forward of the middle hanger,

If you do not move the hangar it will work as currently laid out, but if you reposition the hangar or move the airfield icon the planes may not detect the taxiway if it is too far away.  (or try to taxi in a direction that takes them into an object)


The scramble alert fighters need an input to their routine from the active players airbase with an "on player spawn" link.  This will auto cut off inputs after 7 minutes.  This sets the number of fighters that will spawn.

This input link will also set the difficulty level for suppressing the airfield at the same time.

If you try to change all the units to a different nationality do not forget to reset the checkzones as well to look for the new nationality.

The scramble alert fighters have 2 modes of spawning:

If the incoming enemy is far away they will randomly delay spawn and takeoff giving the attacker a small chance of striking before they can get airborne.

If the enemy is already near and the previous flight is all shot down they will respawn and attempt to takeoff immediately to engage.

They will continue to respawn until the base is suppressed (they count towards that number) or the enemy leaves the area, in which case they may follow or take up their usual patrol location until the timer tells them to land(depart and despawn)


The scramble and taxi spawning planes will patrol for 15 minutes or so, or until out of ammo, fuel, or when wounded.  Then instead of trying to land they head to the waypoint 20km away at a high rate of speed and despawn.

Trying to make them land uses a lot of cpu resources and also does not work well when you put an airfield on the map.  (it tends to confuse the planes Command Land MCU)


Axis Airbase Scramble Taxi Allied.zip


The picture below pretty much looks like spaghetti but I wanted to point out the spawn input link required for variable strength fighters and difficulty adjustment and a couple other items.



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