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So my gal Meghan informed me a couple days ago that the solar winds were a blowing. So we made a hasty decision to spend the weekend a little further north to get away from light pollution, and to take advantage of the reported cosmic storms. 

Three hours driving after work, we got to our destination on Mille Lacs Lake. After getting checked in, we played a little in the casino. After checking our various  apps around 1230am, we headed out to a remote public boat access to see what we could see.


To the naked eye, there was simply a smudge of foggy mist on the horizon. Occasionally we could see a dim vertical shaft, but nothing spectacular. Meghan took a snapshot with her phone's camera, showing some colors... Hmmm

I set up my tripod and tried a long exposure... And BAM! There's what I was looking for. 😊



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Thank you fellas!

So the first night was really cool. Lights and stuff, but visible mainly as a bit of haze with occasional spikes for some reason. Snag a long exposure and it's suddenly really cool. 

Went out again Saturday night, after a long afternoon nap prepping for a long night out. Instead we got thin crappy cloud cover and a bright moon reflecting off and through the clouds. Nothing visible but light pollution reflected on the clouds. So now we're wired, wide awake and twiddling our thumbs. Back at the casino Meghan did well on the black-jack table while I cheered her on and pretended I hadn't lost almost $200 in the dumb penny slots. Brought the money with to lose, which I did, lol. 

Haven't had time to properly go through my images on the computer yet. Some are decidedly worse than they appeared on the small screen and may require some finnesse to make acceptable.

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Typically, that's the route most folks go on to get that 1 decent pic.  Sometimes you take 100s just to get maybe 1 or 2 good ones that are salvageable.

Hopefully I can get a pic or 2 over the next few days

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Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how one views the weather, it's been too cloudy and fairly mild here over the last couple of weeks.  Means that conditions aren't good for Northern Lights but great for getting more freaking snow!!

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Someone near Split Rock Lighthouse on the north shore of Lake Superior got the image of a lifetime... A long exposure shot of the Milky Way that was interrupted/augmented by aurora popping up. ... Of course it was on a Facebook posting that I can't find now. But was an awesome shot. 


Now I found it... 

"When Worlds Collide!

In the early morning hours last Saturday, the aurora was still going and the Milky Way rose above the horizon.  It was so awesome to just sit on the shore of Split Rock Lighthouse State Park and watch the heavens dance with each other.





@WWSittingduck my gal Meghan uses these apps for aurora alerts:



Two main indices to look at are KP and DZ, you want really low KP (-5 or lower) and really high DZ (+5? or higher). Or maybe that's inverted, I forget. That's why I like having her nearby. 

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