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So just about every day I take the dog for a walk down by the river, usually I forget to bring my camera and of course something shows up that you need to take a shot of.  Well Friday I did remember to bring the camera and I'm glad I did.

Don't usually see beavers out and about in the winter, yeah it's still winter here, but I did see a pair of them working away on this poplar they brought down.  Wasn't able to get the greatest shots of the one working on cutting the tree into thirds as I didn't want to disturb him too much.  I did manage to get a few good ones of the second one as he came out of his lodge.

And of course winter wouldn't be the same without the solitary raven.






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Very cool captures! That raven image is kinda spooky... might be fun to play with in PhotoShop. 

Last fall I went for a walk at a local park that includes about a half mile of river bank. There were many signs of beavers busily dropping trees near the bank, and several small to medium trees had actually been felled over the foot path. The little guys had been making headway on several larger trees as well. I was impressed with the tooth marks in the wood, not small at all, and obviously sharp. 

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Since we are sharing nature shots, ran into some highland cows while we were camping.  Still getting used to what my new camera can do, but loved the twisted pose with the curly hair.



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That Raven silhouette could easily be used for nose art.  Love the contrast.

The highland cow is an interesting composition, rendered here in black and white.  For me, it really makes the subject pop, especially the eye, where the glint draws attention to (what I think is) the photographer's reflection.  It is also nicely framed by the fence posts.

Both of these, IMHO, are poster-worthy, well done 👍

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I'm a Nikon guy have been nursing along an old D3300 for many years, but bought several decent lenses for it.  For Christmas I got the D7500 body and it has been amazing.  Kind of the step up from casual snapshots to serious business.  Pretty much can adjust film ISO, speed, f-stop, flash and focus all from buttons and wheels and thru the view finder.  And you can take your glasses off and focus the view finder.  Just cool stuff I never had.  Has both bluetooth and wireless connectivity so I can drop images onto the ipad during vacation for post shooting review.  Still a lot to learn, but was very intentionally a "retirement" purchase.


( All thru college I had a used Nikkromat that I bought at a pawn shop.   It was  how I learned to use a manual camera, develop film etc.   After a road trip with Baby Daughter #1 and unloading the car put the camera bag on the roof of the car.  Made a run for some pizza, forgot the bag was there, on a busy main street, caught a glimpse of the bag rolling off the roof of the car.  Pulled over, jumped out, ran back to the bag, just in time to watch a car drive over the top of it.  I kept the smashed body in the bag for over a year before I finally threw it away.  That was around 1986.  Could not afford a nice camera even if I wanted it.  Over 25 years later bought the D3300.  Entry level DSLR.  40 years of Product loyalty tied to personal trauma wrapped around a good dose of nostalgia. )

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LOL! That's a great story, and a great way to have an emotional connection to photography. I hope you have as much fun capturing memories with the new Nikon as you ever had with the old ones, even the mooshed one. 

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