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Well I l found something cool to use when painting your house if you are on a hill or unlevel ground and using a ladder.  I hate having to paint the side of our house because of the hill

we are on . I was looking for a safe way to level the ladder in situations like this and found this provision ladder levler . Unfortunately this thing cost on average @ $ 120 and Diane says my

life is just not worth that 😟. So, I had a brain spasm and thought of my car ramp. It is same shape and all so put it to the test and this works great. Just be careful and test before really

putting a lot of trust in this but so far so good. If I get injured I will be sure to post accordingly 😉


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That man looks too serious to be climbing on ladders ---:duh:

Seriously though this system works great and so far I have not had any type of grade limitation ( spent another 6 hrs on this ladder---- having to repair/replace more wood on the house than  I thought,

the painting is the easy part !!! 

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