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Unless someone else has a mission they wanted to run I have another ready to go.

We are flying in Rhineland again, but this time it is for the Germans.

Doras, Kurfursts, and even Schwalbes will be available to repel Allied bombers.  

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Pretty cool mission. The intense 'climb to intercept alt' phase was well timed to coincide with enemy bombers and escorts being spotted. I had rotten luck from that point on, though the other fellas seemed to have a field day with B-25's that apparently didn't shoot back, and a few different types of escorting fighters. 

The second mission, 'North Africa convoy destruction" was kinda fun, but got very interesting when both Craven and Wolfie were flying OpFor. That 'live human opposition' factor was palpable.

All in all, a good night flying. Thanks to all who had a hand in making and/or flying the missions. 

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lot of posts about it, but no definitive answers.

what os are you using?  Appears trying to connect using a server OS with TV will result in issues.

I did notice in your screen shot you are not logged in.  Are you logged in before you get the message?  I am automatically logged in when I start my TV.

I did find this page, but did not follow the link cause there are no issues at my end.  So can't say for sure if it will help you or not.






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