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Go to AltspaceVR | Be there, together. (altvr.com)   

Download the appropriate version for your setup (VR or Windows)

Start the program and choose your Name (username)   Login with your new credentials and try it out

Post your username in this topic and you can be invite to the Meeting event on May 4th....    DON't Wait until May 4th to set it up!

Altspace is always free, can be used in 3D VR or on a 2D flat screen

I am available at most times if you want help, just let me know!




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WWSandMan (I'll confirm later, but I think that's what I used) 

Confirmed name on alt space. Even have the WW aerodrome (don't recall the exact name) in my favorites list. 


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That's it, the ZaP wrap up.

Zed has worked hard on both the ZaP and the virtual world he host the wrap up party on. It's a neat thing, has a little learning curve though. Mostly harmless. 

The various communities on alt space run the gamut. I poked around a bit this weekend, am mildly interested on attending an occasional live music thing, several available. 

Totally get it if some are not interested, but it is free, harmless, and worth a look. Plus as a show of respect for Zed and the time he's put into this, IMO it's worth a few minutes to set up and attend. 

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No issues with AltSpace for me, still have it installed from last years meeting. I just made sure it's updated. Still have a few of you on a contact list. Thought it was entertaining. I'll try to pop a a little early to make sure I review the controls for movement and connect to Zed's world. 

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To get to the world easily just type in the code: JHD732 on the main menu to go direct.

when you get off the bus at the Zeppelin, go up the ramp.  The meeting will be in the main gallery, use the elevator

stay out of the engine room it has some radiation leaks


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