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Happy Birthday WWGeezer


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Actually went to restaurant ( patio), got served a good italian dinner with chianti and tiramasu for after.  Been a long long time since I got to do that.......also bought myself a new bike for Birthday / Retirement

Bikes have become tricky.  Road, Gravel, Off-road.   Road is all speed and assume you are going to where this clingy shorts ,your body horizontal and low handlebars and pay for carbon fiber frames. skinny tires.  Off-road is all shock obsorbers and fancy assault vehicle accessories., fatter tires  "Gravel" is where I landed, no shock absorbers, flat bar handle bar, built for riding sitting upright, only one gear shifter because all the gears on the back wheel.  Good for the road, but good for dirt road and gravel too.

Buying bikes is interesting right now.  Very few bikes in stock, everything is an order. 4 to 8 weeks out. Interesting times.


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Cool, Geezer, glad you got out for a Bday meal. Nice bikes guys, but.... got grip end mirrors? Too many 4 wheel idiots out there on the road who feel an inch is as good as a mile, when passing you. Helps for turns too, when some idiot is planning to squeeze  between you and the curb, when both of you are thinking of turning onto the same side street and the 4 wheeler hates bicycles having their "own" lanes marked on his street.

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