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Cool Weather Camping


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Went on our first camping trip of the year this past long weekend, as usual the weather alternated between sunny moments, lots of rainy moments, stiff northwest winds and daytime temps hovering around 9c or 48f with overnight temps dropping to a balmy 1c or 33f.  Did a lot of huddling by the fire and definitely needed the extra quilt at bed time.

Didn't get to take many pics but here's a couple.



Snowy Mountains


Still Ice on the Lake


Caught this Sandhill Crane today, don't usually see them here.  Unfortunately it got really dark and the skies opened up about 2 minutes after I took this shot, couldn't really get him in a good light.


This one is a bit better.

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Nice. I like the scenery. I miss camping, just had a number of overhead p/u campers and self converted cargo vans over the years. Rec. vehicles have made a hugh jump in popularity down here in most of the 48. People wanted to have a home away from home on vacation. Load up the RV, and get away from the VfChina crazyness without contact other than gas stations for what was then, cheap fuel, and munchies and a 40oz coffee to go, while driving to the camping spot.

Congrats on being able to get away for a "re-charge".

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