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The best camera is the one in your hands

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So I took Rocky for a stroll recently. Normally we make this a group effort, Meghan and I taking the opportunity to chat about whatever is going on, Rocky attempting to pee on everything within leash distance. Meghan was up north for a company 'team building' outing, so this time it was just Rocky and I. As we turned the corner to get on the sidewalk to the nearby park I was greeted with this view... Grabbed my cell phone and snapped the pic. It's now my desktop wallpaper. 



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Very nice!

I wish I had a shot last night from the drive home as the full moon was halfway cresting the mountain ridges near my home, it was amazing.

I do have one of the same range covered in snow from this winter, It is pretty, but the picture is not framed the best as I took it while stopped at a stop sign.  

One of these days I need to borrow my son's nice digital SLR and take some good pics, but I never make the time for it, which is kind of funny these days considering how much free time I have.



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