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Kuban 5: Nacht Hexen

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I am posting this info on Kuban 5 early hopefully to motivate some pilots to obtain the U-2VS which is currently on sale at the 1C website.

The earliest this mission will be played is June 8th but I am not sure I will be able to make it that day as I am heading up to Idaho that night so it may be later in the month.  I am also open to rescheduling if a WW can only make it on a certain date and really wants to fly this.

This mission has a long flight path (167kmh) at slow speed navigating in the moonlight with no opportunity for reloading or respawning once you leave the base area. and is just over an hour and a half of flight time not including time loitering over targets, (which must remain brief)

I have tested every objective with the different armament on the plane and they are all easily accomplished, but with 5 objectives the patrol will have to ration their ammo to try and accomplish them all.

I am providing Bristols in case you do not own the U-2Vs but it is inferior in armament.  It has better guns, but the bombs are marginal and there are no rockets.

I do understand this mission may not be for everyone, so no worries if you decide to sit this one out.


As for the U-2Vs I find it to be a decent plane for this mission.  Just one plane can easily take out quite a few targets when loaded with 8 rockets and 2 100Kg bombs.

You must be VERY careful with engine speed in a dive, it is very easy to over-rev and destroy your motor.  I have flown it a long way on a damaged motor though, so don't give up hope if you do damage it and have not lost power yet.

A tail gunner is available but I have found it to be useless on this mission and dead weight.  In the event you do run into an enemy, the gunner is so slow to respond that the threat is over before the gunner gets in position.  (although when we go against AI U-2's they seem to be always ready).

I have also found rockets to be much more accurate than on other Russian planes and they seem to fly straighter when used on this platform.  Aiming a little bit below the canopy edge seems to be pretty accurate at 3-500 meters. (practice makes perfect....)


Once again we are also dealing with the Gamma setting issue.  If you must you can turn it up, but try to keep it as dark as you can stand.  I have found 1.0 to work well in a dark room.


So I hope some of you are up for the challenge and I would love to see a group of us get through alive and accomplish all the objectives.  Perhaps I could even con the Awards officer to commission a new Nacht Hexen medal for those that accomplish the feat????



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I flew the U2VS in Zeus-a-palooza, it was fun, and did the recce mission with the searchlights earlier, was also fun. I'll probably fly it during this mission as well, should be at least different than what we are used to

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Posted (edited)

Using the default loadout is HIGHLY recommended.  Clearing the mountains with a full loadout is tricky enough without adding more weight.

FYI the optimal climb speed of the U2 is 90kmh.


To accomplish this mission there needs to be a Flight Leader to coordinate how to expend the limited ordnance the flight has at its disposal at each objective.  Designating a pilot to be the primary attack at each target will be important.

Obj. 1&2 consist of three wooden bridges that will require bombs.

Obj.3 can be achieved with rockets or even MG's if necessary.

Obj.4 can be achieved with rockets or bombs.

Obj.5 is a steel rail bridge.  Bombs must be reserved for this target.


There is also the task of navigating through the mountains with a full load of ordnance while trying to maintain unit integrity.

The group needs to stay together, hit a target quickly and escape as a group before German fighters are drawn to our planes illuminated by spotlights.

Ideally we would not use formation lights while in enemy territory either in the spirit of the event.


Although if you are trying to make a low level attack turning your landing lights on for a few seconds as you approach can help you avoid not seeing a tree in your path.


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  • WWCephas changed the title to Kuban 5: Nacht Hexen


Something important came up and I have to leave for my Idaho trip early so this mission will be delayed a couple weeks.

Sorry for the inconvenience, then again maybe Geezer will be around then to lead us.  :)


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If flying a night attack mission in a biplane does not interest you then no.

But if you are interested I believe SittingDuck has 2 FREE ones left to gift.  It is unfortunately no longer on sale in the store.

You could also choose to fly a WWI Bristol if needed.  In the dark it is hard to tell the difference anyway, only its ordnance is less effective, (but its guns are better)  A Bristol would do well clearing spotlights @ the objectives.

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will suggest we stick with Allied till Cephas gets back.  Anyone have a favorite from his series they would like to re-run?  

seeing as how thursday's have been a light night, the Allied Rjev might be a good mission for tuesday

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Yes, tonight is a meeting night since we let it slide by last week. 

That said, I'll likely only be around for the meeting. Tough to keep the system cool when the ambient temps are in the mid-90's.

New central air system getting installed tomorrow. Another $5k shot in the caboose


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The default 60 percent should be fine.  The U2Vs has 5 hour endurance at 90 kmh level flight.  This flight is just under 2 hours so you should have a fair reserve.  If you carry any more fuel you will need to lower your ordnance load to clear the mountains after launch.

The U2 is a plane that can exceed its max takeoff weight if you give it a full load of fuel and ordnance.

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