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Wing Walkers 109 Dress Blues

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With being locked up (down, stuck at home etc) I'm finding a bit of time to do up some skins (the real-life Princess does crafts to pass her time, I do this... for now anyway).  Already I'm digressing, loopy from staying home I guess.

I'm looking for the psd template file(s), complete with the WW Dress Blues layer, of any/all 109s.  I THINK its a G2 (I have the generic dds for this skin as well as several personal skins in dress blues), but I'm just looking at creating my own G2 skin based on this.  If anyone has it, can you either post it or put it on my FTP folder (WWDarkdiz)?

Merci en avance


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I managed to (mostly) replicate the dress blues in 4K (the original dds file I have is 2K only), I will post the results in some (hopefully not jaggedy) screenshots when I think its ready.

I went with no nose-art, personal  AC side number on each side of the fuselage and name tag under the right canopy.  Each sqn member has their own layer group, so its quick to add or change personal stuff without affecting the global WW dress blue template.  The 4K version is ALMOST identical to the 2K version, still a few tweaks to go.

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Obviously I haven't been paying attention to a few threads, this being one.

The 4k G-2 template is one that I worked on for some personal WW skins as well as the update for the dress blues done for Icy's memorial.  That template with the blues and the personal skins in in my vault folder and is named Bf109-G2-Craven-V1.

If there is anything you feel you could use in there please feel free.

As a side note, I prefer to have a plain, no markings other than the WW logo on the dress blues.

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Thanks @WWCraven, hugely appreciated, concur with the markings for formal occasions.  Here is the 2K dds version.


Below is the 4K updated version, no markings other than Wingwalkers Crest.

Easy to add personal markings if anyone wants them, the numbers required are in a layer group in the template I made.


@WWSandMan, not so much jaggies here, probably an IL2 issue

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