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Racing Set ups?


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Its crazy, you need to look at your computer desk and see if you have room to mount a steering wheel by clamping it using the clamp devices that come on the wheel base. You also need to have a place under the desk to put foot pedals on the floor, just like you would with rudder pedals. Trying to mount a wheel on a pull out keyboard 'shelf' on your desk is iffy at best. Then you have to buy a used or new wheel, a used one needs to be one that still has working drivers for the operating system you are using. Older used wheels are a good bargain on Ebay, but some, like Microsoft (the jerks) dont have upadted drivers made to work on win 10. If your computer chair has wheels, you can be fighting trying to use the pedals, without the chair doing a 'Newton' on you, when you step on the brake pedal.  Force feed back wheel is the way to go, can shut it off feedback when you are a newbie, then turn it on and adj. the force you feel when driving. Of course you need a decent computer to run most racing sims and good internet, just like for flight sims. New gear and a racing sim = $200 on up. Can get a good starter wheel/pedals with F feed back on Ebay if you are running win 7 or 8. Used wheels and win 10 takes some research. Steam has a couple of great racing sims, 

DiRT Rally.

Project Cars 2.

Assetto Corsa


If you want a 'sim', OR, many others out there if you want "power ups" when you run into school buses full of children, etc. Some guys I know, run Wreckfest arcade game using a USB console game pad, no wheel or pedals, so there is that option. If you cant mount a wheel, and who doesnt want to play a fun racing arcade game?

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I read that totally wrong!  🙂

Here's a pic of my TM T500 with pedals and TM shifter mounted on a folding stand.  I just move this in front of my desk/pc or the TV (when I'm on the PS5) when I want to race, and one USB plug sets me up.

Actually, I could probably be talked into selling this rig for a good price.  I haven't really raced in more than a year, and my reflexes aren't what they used to be.  I'm lucky to stay a mid-pack racer.  I can win occasionally on iRacing, and not infrequently finish top 5 (or even on the podium), but shaving /10ths off to compete with the fast guys just isn't in the cards for me anymore.  And I find I just use the controller now for ATS or ETS2 or Wreckfest, or Snowrunner, etc.  Shoot, I was using the controller on the WRC10 demo I downloaded just last night.  This is the best wheel out of several I've had over the years.  It's in excellent shape.  Shame for it to just sit upstairs unused. 



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As for what sims are good (I will follow Dan's example in his post), I think it's hard to beat iRacing, but it's pricey.  Have to buy cars and tracks separately, and then pay a monthly fee.  I have a lot of their content (bought slowly over the years) and all of it is fun.  I was into the dirt track stuff the most right before I lost interest. 

Of the standalone sims, Assetto Corsa is really the best, I think.  PC2 is good, and edges out AC on graphics, but I've always thought AC car handling/physics just had the edge on PC2.  I've tried pretty much all of the others, except for the F1 sims.  I never really wanted just a dedicated Formula racing sim. 

Dirt Rally 2 is probably the best rally sim, if he's into that (I am), although what I was seeing in WRC10 (due out in Sept) last night was pretty impressive.  I think Dirt just has better physics in the Dirt Rally and Dirt Rally 2.0 versions (many other versions suck). 

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I tinker around with Asetto Corsa from time to time, not often enough to be good though. I use an old Logitech ffb wheel and my rudder pedal's toe brakes for throttle/brake functions. I use a button for the clutch on the rare occasions I need it. 

Works perfect also in Euro and American truck simulator... Except I find I really want to use small monitors turned "portrait" to use as mirrors, lol. 


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