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Tuesday's Mission 7/13/21

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I did not have enough time to get a new Kuban mission ready this week since I have been busy doing some work down in Mexico and it will probably keep me busy until I head to Idaho again in August.

So it may be that the Kuban campaign will be on hold until maybe September, especially with so many of us taking vacations.


So tonight I have a reworked PCGW mission that Duck originally created and I have added to.  Gzhatsk 1941.



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It was a good flight Tuesday.  We found a couple small errors in the mission code which I have fixed but then I thought this mission was good enough to make a variant of to keep it fresh.


I made Ghatsk 1944.  It is basically the same mission with a 1944 plane set.  The premise is that in an alternate historical timeline Britain capitulated and their was no Western Front so the Eastern Front became a back and forth battle of attrition.

The Lend Lease program remained in effect and the Soviets have acquired late model American aircraft to bolster their own output.


Axis:  K4, G14, A8, D9, 262

AI Allies: Ya9s & t, La5fn, Il243, P38, P47, P51


It would be nice to have some custom Soviet flagged skins for the Allied planes but it is not worth the time and hassle for a one off mission.

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19 minutes ago, WWCephas said:

It would be nice to have some custom Soviet flagged skins for the Allied planes but it is not worth the time and hassle for a one off mission.

Is that a hint?

Unfortunately, I won't be able to do any, as I'm likely spending time on "Diz's Deck".  However, if we were to run something like this later in the fall, I could certainly put some skins together

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That sounds like an intriguing adaptation. My only concern would be if the distances were not sufficient to gain altitude better suited to the late war aircraft. Dora's and Mustangs excel at higher altitudes, and is an arena we rarely visit.

Maybe an air start for heavy bombers? Intercepts at 20,000 ft/6000+m would be a compete change. Then again, tactical battlefield aviation is by definition lower in altitude. Anyway, lots of variations possible. Looking forward to whatever you come up with! 

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Posted (edited)

I gave it a try flying alone and it was just fine at low alt (where I like to fight), at least with the K4 and G14, I am not a good 190 pilot so I did not try them.

They were well matched against the P-51's I went against and I needed all my boost to get the better of them, and that took a while.

I did not play long so I did not run into any P47's which would probably be the worst low alt performer of the bunch.  (But in reality did a lot of low level attack missions in the ETO.)

There did seem to be more concentrated enemy aircraft early in the battle though compared to the previous run even though all I did was change the airplane types.


I don't know if we will ever have a decent high alt game in this sim.  I find Bomber formations of 16 planes tend to overload the server when normally it can handle 32 AI planes at once flying in small groups or individually and not in formations.

Also fighting at high alt where the air gets thin and controls get mushy is not a lot of fun for me.


Still hoping and praying for a Pacific theater though.....  5K alt makes more sense for missions when hunting carriers and escorting or flying dive bombers.

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