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Tuesday Mission 7/27

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Here is the mission for Tuesday,  Thursday I am on the road so hopefully Duck will have something ready to go.

This mission is another "what if" mission.

After the fall of the Third Reich the war continued as the Soviet Union tried to enlarge the communist empire.

The US and the remaining Allies have managed to push the Russians back as they falter without the support of their former allies.


The Allied airbases show as German but that is just cosmetic.



US: P51,P38,P47

UK: Tempest, Typhoon, MkXIV, A20



Sept 1946

Sortie One: Destroy the enemy airfield at Visloye. (0607-4)

Sortie Two:  Destroy the factory complex at Dragunskoe (0605-1)

Sortie Three:  Locate and destroy enemy resupply train operation in the marked area of your mission map. (0307-0607)

Sortie Four: Destroy the mobile Katyusha battery operating in Sector 0706-7.

Sortie Five: Destroy the radar directed AAA base at Sector 0507-1 (EXTREME DANGER)


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