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Another new campaign idea for the Fall

Would you be interested in flying a fictional country themed campaign?  

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  1. 1. Would you be interested in flying a fictional country themed campaign?

    • I would be interested in flying this campaign on squadron nights
    • I would rather stick with regular WWII missions for squadron nights

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I was thinking of doing a pet project series this fall and was wondering if there was interest among the WW to fly it.  If so, I would make them as Dogfight missions, and if not, as a SP mission series.

This campaign builds upon the Adventures of Tintin SP mission I released last week.  I was thinking of fleshing out a fictional campaign between the countries of Borduria and Syldavia, which were the names the author Herge used for the two countries.

Borduria was meant as a prototype fascist state representing Germany in the late 30's and Syldavia represented a wholesome Balkan monarchy threatened by Borduria's schemes to expand and control the neighboring countries when he penned this adventure in 1939.

I have chosen the MC202 to represent the Syldavian Air Force and it matches pretty well against the Bordurian E7.  I will probably also skin the Pe2 for the Syldavians and the JU-88 for the Bordurians in the bomber role.



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The first is a fantasy campaign, with aircraft on each side not historically "accurate". But matched up to be adversaries. 

The second is more historical in nature, Germans and Italians VS Allies. 

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Not quite what I meant on the poll choices Sandman, the 2 choices were whether you were ok with a fictional setting or want to keep missions historical"ish" in content.

Apparently my wording caused a little confusion.


In reality they are both the same really, you climb in whatever cockpit is offered that week and do your best and the skins and nationalities are a costume draped over whatever plane you are in. 


Flying a MC202 though would require some familiarization compared to what we normally fly, and that would be the biggest issue people would have with flying this fictional campaign.  (and the Pe2)

I would not want to impose on people a campaign flying in a plane type they do not care for.


Either way it is no big deal to me if that is not a popular option, like I said I will just make them as SP missions available for anyone who wants to fly them if the majority would prefer to fly something else.

I just wanted to get a vote to make sure I was not imposing what I was intrigued to do on everyone else.  


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53 minutes ago, WWSandMan said:

Sort of like the TB-3 VS TB-3 mission we did once upon a time... Mostly human gunners, and of course it devolved to one wing gunner trying to shoot the opposite gunner... Of the same ship. 

Dee started it!

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Hopefully there is a good sale before the time arrives than Duck.  :)

The skin for that is on HSD already Zed.  Look under skins packs "the Adventures of Tintin"  I have a couple of mine in there now too.  I need to add a Bordurian He111 next.



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