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Took the day off...

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So, I took the day off. Was planning to spend it visiting "Fifi" and "Diamond Lil" as they are currently visiting the Rochester, Mn airport. The last time I saw Fifi was in Midland, Tx at the CAF home airfield (at the time) many years ago, during a WW Get-Together event. She had an engine off for rebuild and was taking up a huge chunk of hangar space. 

Fifi wasn't going to be flying today, which sort of bummed me out, but the B-24 Diamond Lil was. So I was hoping to get some take-off and landing photos in addition to static shots of both. 

But, as I left the house and gassed up my little pickup... raindrops on the windshield. I thought it was going to be hard enough to get decent shots through the intense smoke that has settled over Minnesota (thanks to many huge fires burning near Winnipeg.) Yesterday there was a change of wind direction that brought cooler air (phew, thanks!) but also brought all that smoke. 

Here's what it looked like in rural south-central Minnesota yesterday (note that there's not a cloud in the sky!) Smelled like a bad campfire gone amok.


So. I was concerned about the ability to take any good photos today.

But as I got my truck loaded and ready to go, I noticed a few rain drops on the windshield. Whaaaaat?? Checked radar.... Oh, shit.



Just south of Rochester, and just north of I-90, is the airport. 

So I went back home... I'll try tomorrow. Supposed to be nice, sunny, etc. I just need to make sure I leave early enough to catch both the B-24 and the B-29 making their morning flights. :)

This is the event link: https://www.airpowersquadron.org/rochester-mn

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So, I've been making a little use of my time on a misty/smokey Friday to look over some things that have been nagging at me ... like the cost of renewal of my personal website.

In short... HOLY SHIT. While I'd like to move my domain to a new host, apparently I'm stuck there because of some deal I made back around 2009. To get complete 'ownership' of my domain from the host, I'd need to buy it back from them. I originally bought it back in 2003 and had full ownership, but I transferred it to my new host who gave me free renewals of the domain name as long as I kept it with them. Fast forward through several buy-outs of my host and now my current hosts have me against a wall. My personal domain is a dot org (like the wingwalkers domain) and all of the possibly useful derivatives of the name (.net, .com, etc) are owned by someone else (most not being used, which means they're being held hostage to garner large fees.) The purchase price of my domain from my current host? Almost $5,000 !! Just for the name... nothing else. 

So now my option is to renew at nearly double what my last pricing was, and keep all my personal email accounts for myself, my friends and various family members that have accumulated over the years. Do I feel like I got screwed? Yes. Had I known it would be such a freaking hassle I would have bought a couple dozen domain names 20 years ago for pennies, and just kept them in my pocket. Sheesh!

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Bummer about the smoke, we have some here too, hope you get some clearing tomorrow. 


No price protection for .org


Ajit Pai  is no longer in charge of the FCC, hopefully net neutrality will get some CPR and Ajit will get called before Congress to account for the 9 billion dollar fund he was in control of .


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